Western Waterproofing
New Office & Warehouse
Livonia, Michigan
Completed Fall 2002
Value $2,750,000
Lyon Industrial Drive
New Office Park
Lyon Township, Michigan
Completed Spring 2000
Value $4,200,000
Dearborn Heights Schools
Pardee Elementary School Media Center Addition & Renovation
Dearborn Heights, Michigan
Completed Fall 2006
Value $887,000
Melvin T. Walls Manor
Senior Housing Center
Ypsilanti, Michigan
Completed Fall 2005
Value $5,250,000

  • Thank you for completing a successful project on schedule and within budget.–Clement R. Prabakaran, M. Arch, Architect/Engineer – Project Manager, Wayne State University

  • The project was performed at a high level. The site was always clean and organized. All deadlines were met. Rated all aspects of performance as “excellent”.–Brad Sharp, Parks and Facilities Manager, Canton Community

  • The firm was a pleasure to work with. They were proactive in identifying conflicts between documents and work scope. They were effective in providing solutions that helped maintain the project budget and schedule. Very respectful of the fact that they were working in an occupied building, minimizing disruptions to daily operations. They have worked on many projects around the university with many project managers and are well liked by all. Rated all aspects of performance as “excellent”.–Anne-Lee Vandenbussche, RA, NCARB, Assistant Director, Facilities Planning & Management Design & Construction Services, Wayne State University

  • Very professional, excellent work, would highly recommend. Rated all aspects of performance as “excellent”.–Jeffery B. Burek, Director, Division of District Operations, Dearborn Schools

  • Evangelista’s quality of work is excellent with many students commenting that they couldn’t believe the facility was constructed just for their use. This is a great testament to the appreciation of the long hours of hard work that went into creating a school to help provide opportunity to students who otherwise would not have it. Thanks to Mark A. Evangelista. P.E. and his crews for creating these wonderful schools for students who need a second chance.–Matthew Schwartz, Director, Center Dev’t & Support, Ombudsman Educational Services